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It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Taijutsu Kai, a Prestigious, National and Internationally renowned Jujutsu Association founded in 1980. As a member of TJK you will embark on a study and journey that for many is seen as a way of life, the benefits that this dynamic and legendary martial art has to offer are countless.

The TJK syllabus is an accumulation of 4 decades of Jujutsu practice, study, and development. It is suitable for men, women and children of all ages, strengths and abilities. Children can acquire and improve their co-ordination, concentration, self-esteem and self-control through regular practice. The personal skills gained through the study of jujutsu will also help you to become more disciplined, responsible and self-confident. Add this to self-defence and fitness benefits and you can see why jujutsu has become so popular with all the family.

All TJK instructors have been carefully chosen and personally coached by myself. Through consistency, credibility and professionalism they will help and encourage you achieve your goals by providing a superior martial arts training program and assist in creating “a happier and healthier way of life.”

Taijutsu Kai’s uniqueness lies in its ability to offer the best quality in all aspects of the martial arts. It has produced many skilled Jujutsu practitioners and instructors, as well as regional, national and world champions and many more who have gained in their personal lives. Some of the main features offered through membership with Taijutsu Kai;

  • Tuition in all aspects of Jujutsu, Self defence, Sport and Kobudo (Classical Samurai Arts)
  • Personal monitoring and development, leading to examinations
  • Comprehensive training programmes, and access to seminars with some of the world’s greatest martial artists
  • Safe and exciting competitions at all levels
  • Strict ethical and safety standards
  • All clubs and instructors are fully qualified/Insured, CRB/I.S.A checked and attend regular CPD training.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy your training and look forward to meeting you soon, until then.

“Enjoy and Achieve”

Yours faithfully

Ross Iannoccaro “Tasshi”

President Taijutsu Kai


Self Defence

All Taijutsu Kai clubs uphold the original concepts of jujutsu and addresses all aspects of self defence both standing and on the ground.

Our structured and functional self defence programs are an accumulation of over 40 years of experience and knowledge and are based on a blend of both traditional and modern aspects of the art, providing, effective reality based self defence skills for men, women and children of all ages.

All new students are taught separately from the rest of the class and will be taught practical basic skills. Beginners are encouraged to work within their own capabilities and at their own pace in an encouraging and friendly environment.

All new beginners are placed on the introductory program or white belt which normally takes about 10 -12 lessons.

Sport Jujutsu (MMA)

Competition acts as a means of testing techniques in a pressurised enviroment against people with different styles and techniques. It is one thing to perform a technique on an opponent who offers no real resistance, it is quite another to be able to make it work under severe pressure. It can only be a positive learning experience for students to find out how they react under pressure and which techniques you come to rely on, as well as being a great deal of fun.

Our students have the opportunity to compete in various types of competitions:

Sport Jujutsu (Kumite)

This includes the use of semi-contact striking, grappling and groundwork techniques. It is a continuous fighting format that allows the competitors to utilise a wide range of fighting skills.

Grappling and Submission Fighting

This event focuses on throws, grappling and groundwork skills. In the adult categories submission techniques ie chokes/strangles and major locks are allowed. The junior’s bouts are point scored on techniques and positions. Click here to view Grappling Competition Rules.

Grapple & Strike

This event started in 2000, it is an exciting, full contact Mixed Martial Arts competition. Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the martial arts field and Grapple and Strike showcases the sport at its best (adults only).

Traditional Jujutsu

Most Jujutsu practitioners or schools who practice Goshin jutsu (self defence) are often classed as traditional jujutsu clubs. Maybe to differentiate it from the Sporting styles of jujutsu such as Bjj (Brazillian jiu-jitsu).

The fact is that there are very few schools in the UK or outside of Japan who offer authentic traditional Japanese martial arts training or instruction with support and guidance of bonafide Koryu schools in Japan.

Taijutsu Kai is honoured to have as Patron one of Japans most respected masters of Bujutsu and head of Nippon Koden Fudhi Muso Kai, Soke Fumon Tanaka.

Both Soke Tanaka and his daughter Midori Tanaka (Soke Dari) are frequent visitors to the UK, offering technical advise and teaching many aspects of their schools skills to TJK members.

Some of the techniques practiced in Kobudo date back to the 15th century and passed down from successor to successor through many generations.

Martial arts taught by Nippon Koden Fushi Muso Kai to Taijutsu Kai are :

  • Koden Enshin Ryu Kumiuchi Kenden
  • Kukishin Ryu Bojutsu
  • Honmon Enshin Ryu Iai Suemonogiri Kenpo
  • Tenshin Hyoho Soden Kukamishin Ryu

Although many traditional skills and methods are taught within the TJK curriculum, Koryu or Kobudo is taught as an entirely different study to the TJK training programs.

Kobudo training is available to all TJK members wishing to learn the classical arts. Tasshi Ross Iannoccaro is the official UK representative of Soke Tanaka and his schools.


A Brief History

The Japanese art of combat has a long and extensive history, the diversity of styles and weapons associated with specific arts evolved and developed over many centuries. From the early Heian period (794-1191) to the beginning of the Edo period(1603) there were some 700 years of civil warfare that contributed to the development and knowledge of Japans Martial arts.

Amongst many of the necessary and essential battle skills needed to survive was the art of empty-handed combat fighting systems which became generically known as Jujutsu.

According to historians the term jujutsu first appeared late 16th to early 17th century Japan, which was considered the height of civil wars in Japan.

Very often a combat method could be identified by the name of the weapons practiced such as Kenjutsu (Sword Art) So jutsu (Spear art) Bojutsu (Staff art) together with many other military fighting arts skills which evolved or developed out of necessity to assist warriors to protect themselves against battlefield weapons employed at that time. This became known as Bujutsu.

In feudal times other terms were also used to describe Jujutsu or unarmed combat schools such as, Yoroi kumiuchi, Torite Yawara, Taijutsu Hakuda and Kenpo, however the term Jujutsu became more generically recognised.

Taijutsu is considered by many Japanese Koryu masters and schools as the “Father and Mother” of all martial arts.

Today Jujutsu techniques are practiced world wide and still form the basis of police and military personnel training programs. Thousands of men women and children train regularly in clubs or academy’s all over the globe. Jujutsu skills, principles and methods can be found in many modern combat styles – One need only consider the present worldwide popularity of Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Aikido, Kendo, Kyudo, Krav Maga, Hapkido and so forth, to appreciate the continuing influence of Jujutsu found in these styles.

Nevertheless, regardless of what style or form of Jujutsu you practice and for whatever reason, be it Self defence, a way of life or even Sport, we all share a pride in knowing that we practice “The Art of the Samurai Warrior.”

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