Jujutsu for Children

As well as an enjoyable leisure activity Jujutsu is an excellent and rewarding pursuit for children. The discipline required through the study of jujutsu will encourage children to become more disciplined, responsible and self-confident.

Children can acquire and improve their co-ordination, concentration, self-esteem and self-control through jujutsu. Add this to self-defence and fitness benefits and you can see why jujutsu has become so popular with children.

Empowering Students to Take Control & Stay Safe


A specialised and structured syllabus of simple jujutsu techniques are taught in a safe environment. All students follow a carefully designed and proven grading syllabus with new students following an induction course, which is normally between 10 to 12 weeks.


Taijutsu Kai has produced many junior national and international champions and our members have the opportunity to participate in competitions at all levels, from interclub to international.

First Lesson is Free!

Come along and give it a go, there is nothing to lose as we offer every new member their first class free of charge so you can give Jujutsu a try and see what you think. Just click on the link below to download your voucher, print it out, fill it in and bring it with you to your first class and you’ll be good to go.

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Taijutsu Kai for Schools

The Taijutsu Kai sports development team and Self Defence officers have successfully worked alongside schools to enhance the opportunities for young people to experience Jujutsu (self defence and competitive Jujutsu) in a positive and safe environment. Delivering our structured and specialised introductory programme / taster session’s direct to primary and secondary schools as well as other community groups.

Through a specialised and structured junior syllabus we provide training and guidance on aspects of personal protection and awareness aimed at youngsters, such as common bullying problems, as well as health and fitness / sport benefits, which are areas of concern for both teachers and parents.

Through our links and feedback from Schools and teachers, Jujutsu classes have proven to be a most popular and enjoyable recreation with children of all ages and abilities, but particularly with those who have little involvement or little interest in the common School sports available to them.

Jujutsu is a excellent and most rewarding vehicle for developing important life skills such as teamwork, dedication and goal setting. Improving children’sConfidence and Self Esteem and helping them to achieve their full potential.
Examples of our work in schools include:

  • Encouraging children to take part in sport inside and outside school and increase Sports opportunities. i.e. Jujutsu Competitions and Events at Club, Regional and National levels.
  • Providing local Qualified and registered Coaches to deliver Jujutsu / self defence
  • Forge links between schools, sport clubs and the community;
  • Personal protection and awareness training (some of our coaches are Police Officers as Jujutsu is taught to many caring professions) including topics such as: Bullying – Safety and Awareness topics.
  • Provision of training equipments / Mats provided by TJK.

School Sites

The great thing about this scheme is that schools are provided with qualified coaching staff, ensuring that teachers do not get overloaded, but most importantly increasing participation opportunities for the children as activities are based at school sites.The children will then be encouraged to continue the activity at a local club.

Taster Sessions:

We can only offer taster sessions to schools in areas where we have registered Instructors and Clubs. To arrange Jujutsu (self defence) taster sessions for your school or for any further information please contact the TJK head office at info @ jujutsu .co.uk or call us on 07973 540013

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  • First Lesson Free!

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