Sensei Rob Tiene

Sensei Rob Tiene

Sensei Robert Tiene started training in Jujutsu at the age of 7, with Ross Iannoccaro, founder of Tai Jutsu Kai. Robert is now, after many years of hard training, dedication and much appreciated support from his sensei Ross Iannoccaro, a 6th degree black belt. An accomplished Jujutsu Kumite fighter who has won 4 British Gold Medals in his weight as well as a Bronze medal at the World Jujutsu Championships in 1993.

Rob has now been teaching over 18 years and provides tuition to hundreds of students from club to international level. His technical skills, whether it is when teaching Kumite, the Tai Jutsu Kai curriculum or traditional Ju-Jutsu, are of the highest standard. Sensei Rob is widely thought of as one of the most efficient teachers in the association, really living out the well known martial art maxim of ‘maximum efficiency with minimum effort!’

He has provided Effective Self-Defence in his clubs to men, women and children for many years now, but he is equally proud of being a trainer of champions. He has trained champions in Kumite and Grapple and Strike (which is the full contact option for those experienced enough for the challenge) again emphasising his ability to switch from one facet of the art to another and get results from those he instructs.

Sensei Rob no longer teaches and has retired from instructing. His Taijutsu Kai self defence and mixed martial arts classes for all ages in Malvern, Kidderminster and Stratford are now taken by Sensei Ross and Sensei Lee.

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