Wheatpieces Community Centre, Tewkesbury, GL20 7SP

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Taijutsu Kai teaches an advanced syllabus of Japanese Jujutsu (Ju Jitsu / Jiu Jitsu) the original mixed martial art (MMA) and self-defence. Including throws, takedowns, striking, submissions and joint locks.
With numerous long running clubs across Worcestershire and Gloucestershire TJK has been teaching martial arts to 1000’s of students for over 40 years. We are excited to bring TJK’s unique combination of both reality-based self-defence and sport MMA to Tewkesbury. Our friendly and welcoming classes with a structured syllabus are perfect for everyone looking to learn martial arts, get fit and have fun. TJK is renowned for its prowess and emphasis on practical and effective self-defence. At TJK Tewkesbury we believe TJK has the most comprehensive and expansive self-defence syllabus in Martial Arts. It has been developed, updated and expanded on over 40 years of continuous development by Sensei Ross Iannoccaro, head of Taijutsu Kai. Traditional roots and Japanese lineage are highly valued and that is reflected in TJKs highest standards, professionalism and principles of respect and honour shown throughout its clubs.
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Practical, reality based self defence classes in Tewkesbury. Including restraints, personal protection and weapon / knife defence, used by many police and armed forces around the world.

Sport Jujutsu

Students learn and compete in various types of competitions. Sport Jujutsu (Kumite) - Grappling and Submission (BJJ) - Grapple & Strike (MMA)
Students learn mixed martial arts with striking, grappling, and submissions. Including regular sparring and grappling rounds in most classes.
Jujutsu, mixed martial arts and self-defence classes in Tewkesbury
TJK Tewkesbury students passing their beginner introductory courses and yellow belt gradings assesed by Sensei Ross Iannoccaro
Wheat Pieces Community Centre, Tewkesbury - Sunday 29th October 2023
Our structured and functional self defence programs are an accumulation of over 50 years of experience and knowledge and are based on a blend of both traditional and modern aspects of the art, providing, effective reality based self defence skills.

Our success is driven by a simple philosophy –

‘We empower students to take control & stay safe’

Wheatpieces Community Centre,

Tewkesbury, GL20 7SP

6.30pm to 7.30pm
7.30pm to 8.30pm
£7 per class or £10 for both (2 hours)
This is a double class, first hour is Syllabus / Self-defence, the second hour is open training or sport / sparring / rounds.
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Wheatpieces Community Centre,

Tewkesbury, GL20 7SP

7.30pm to 9pm
£7 per class
Japanese Jujutsu consisting of a mix of self-defence and sport Jujutsu (Throws, Striking, Ground and Submissions)
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Wheatpieces Community Centre,

Tewkesbury, GL20 7SP

5pm to 6.30pm
£7 per class
Japanese Jujutsu consisting of a mix of self-defence and sport Jujutsu (Throws, Striking, Ground and Submissions)
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Jen & MArk

Sensei Jen and Sensei Mark are two of Taijutsu Kai’s newest and most passionate instructors. Training under three of TJK’s most senior instructors for the last 10 years.

Both have had the privilege to be taught by Tasshi (Association Leader) Ross Iannoccaro, plus Senior Instructors Sensei Lee Iannoccaro and Sensei Rob Tiene.

Truly embracing Jujutsu and a love for both Self-Defence and Sport (MMA), Jen and Mark bring their knowledge and experience to their classes with energy and passion.

Both are level 3  first aid trained, fully insured, level 2 fitness instructors, and hold 1st Dan Black belts in Jujutsu under Ross Iannoccaro.
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  • Ellie Kim
    "I cannot recommend Mark and Jen enough as teachers.
    I have been training with them now for 5 months and they have provided me with so much support and insight in to my practice. You won't regret it if you give it a go. I promise!"
  • Nick Hetherington
    "Jen and Mark are excellent instructors with incredible knowledge. Their knowledge and skills are amazing and I love learning from them"
  • Ian Connor
    "Jen and Mark are both hugely talented jujutsu practitioners who live and breathe Japanese jujutsu. Their understanding of the art is exceptional and their attention to the smallest details make them tremendously effective teachers. I learn something new every time I have the opportunity to train with them."
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